Port forwarding

I did post the screen shots before.

Now I can see it. Did you assign the Game PBCloud to your Cloud explicitely?

Also, you misconfigured the router. It should have been

For PBCloud custom game or application

external range 9080-9080 to 80-80

external range 9443-9443 to 443-443

PBCloud assigned to the MAC or IP address of you WDMyCloud


I’m new here on this forum and following this topic.

My friend has setup his mycloud  at his place, with no remote access.

So probably he could login into his mycloud, using it’s local ip address: (  ?   )

After that i bring his mycloud to my place, where it is connected now.

He can upload and download files to it, but he is not able to create a new user for a new device.

Seems he can not go into the admin page.

(when i type  i can see the mycloud inlog screen with his user name)

So my question are:

Is he able to login from his place to this login page, without me doing anything?

(thus login in via the WD website or so? )   Someone mentioned that earlier

Will it help if i forward ports, and which port is used by the mycloud if nothing is set?

Does he need to login first in that page (  to configure remote access

and ports?

thanks in advance!