Port forwarding with Billion

Love my My Book Live Duo, but had to do a factory restore as the drives were spinning non stop.

After the factory reboot, I am now getting the 31520 - no network access. It used to work all sweet!  It is connected directly to the router, so am finding it strange all of a sudden I am getting this error.

So I set the MBL up with static IP address, and that is working ok.

The port forwarding is the thing I am having issues with.

In dashboard have set Connection options to MANUAL, set ports to 8080 for port 1 and 8443 for port 2.


Then in the router, have gone to the port forward spot, and set it to the attached image.

This is still not working… what have I done wrong? Thanks!!!

Check if the steps to from the link below help.


I have tried that previously - searched for help before I submitted new call.

This is the sreen shots (change to .13 so I know changes are happening!)