Port forwarding fail

Hi, im having lots of problems getting clients to download remotely, they access mycloud but the download just stops or the file wont unzip, im going crazy.

As that doesnt work im trying to setup the FTP so they can download from a share.

FTP access is active on the share, FTP is active on network settings. ports are open on router(20,21)

i tested they where open on this webpage: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ theyre open.

Also as i havent got static ip i setup a dynamic dns thats working on the router and the wdex4 with accepted status.

but when i go to port forwarding on my wdex4 they fail…what else can i do?

thanks, Dave.

Have you tried testing if you encounter the same issues with a direct port-forwarding configuration while Dynamic DNS features are disabled?