Port Forwarding Error 31526?

I’ve had my MBLD for a few months and during the initial set up I enabled remote access using manual port forwarding.  I know for certain it was using port forwarding and not a relay connection.  I had no problems connecting using WD Photos on my iPad and Android phone.

Tonight, I was adding my wife’s new phone as a mobile device when I noticed the connection status was showing “Connected (Relay connection established)” with a warning that “Port forwarding failed to connect on port 80 and port 443 . (Error 31526)”.  I checked my router and the port forwarding settings were all good. I tried using two different ports and disabling/enabling remote access, but neither resulted in a direct connection.

I updated the firmware to version 2.31.08 when it was released, and I’m wondering if that has caused this change.  I have Logitech Media Server running on the MBLD, so that may be a factor as well.

Can anyone advise what “Error 31526” is? 


Follow the link below to review the steps to enable port forwarding. If the problem continues you can also try pressing the reset button on the back of the MBL for 4 seconds. 


I know how to enable port forwarding.  It was all working as expected when I first set up the NAS.  I just seems like something has changed since then which is causing it to revert to a relay connection.  I’ll try resetting the NAS, that is the one thing I haven’t done.

Is there not a description somewhere of what causes Error 31526?

Did you get this resolved, I still have this error.  And I just paid for a static ip thru optimum.  Level 2 told me to advance RMA it.  But I can’t cause I don’t have a credit card.  Now what.

I have same issue -

I have already two Web (as well as FTP,…) servers behind my router with port forwarding from Internet to HTTP/HTTPS

one is on 80/443 (back-to-back), another on 8080/8443 and I try to set the MBL on 8000/44300

(I have no difficulty in defining port forwarding on my router [Belgacom b-Box2 = Sagem F@st 3464])

I set 8000/44300 manually on the MBL and I also get the "Connected (Relay connection established)

Port forwarding failed to connect on port 8000 and port 44300 . (Error 31526)" error.

Ports are correctly forwarded as I can check using, for instance http://web-sniffer.net/, and connect to ( is, at the time of writing, my external IP address) - the result of this connection is “HTTP/1.1 200 OK” - and I can see also the page returned) which prove it works.

So why do I (do we) get the Error 31526 message?

Regards, Pierre

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Hi Level 2 at wd told me to RMA it.  I don’t have the money to do that.  I’m going to take it back to the store tomorrow, I paid for extra coverage so they better take it back.  I think I might look into something else.  What I don’t know yet.  I mainly bought it not just as a back up, but for the remote web access from my mac as I’m never home.  It did work until that last upgrade. Without all the changing of the router, portforwarding, reservation ip etc.  It’s not the router other devices work and like I said it use to work.  Good Luck to you.

I’m still having this problem.  Like PHubaut, I’ve  verified that my port forwarding works, so all signs point to the MBLD not behaving properly.  I have a hard time believing this would require a RMA, and isn’t something that can be fixed through a firmware update (which is what I think broke it in the first place).

Even with the relay connection, the performance of WD Photos on my iPad and Android phone hasn’t been very good.  Unless I’ve looked at pictures while connected to my local LAN, and they’ve been cached, once I’m on someone else’s LAN (e.g. my in-laws), most pictures won’t show up.

Same here: http://community.wdc.com/t5/My-Book-Live/MBL-2T-AP1NC-remote-access-problems-setup-and-strange-error/td-p/477202

You have reached any result in the meantime?

I figured this out for me. The main problem was that I was trying to enable FTP not where it should be enabled. After I checked “Allow FTP” @ Settings -> Network -> FTP - it worked for me. There is one thing you should pay attention to: first check if FTP working using your local IP (192.168…) - in my case I was unable to connect to the drive through FTP using my actual IP from my network, but had no any issues connecting from outside of my network, e.g. from Android Phone on data, not on WiFi.