Port forwarding and internet access on port other than 80?

So I just received my pro4100. Does anyone know how to get the port forwarding to work on a different port other than 80? Yes I know I have been reading and looking for answers all day. I have several things running on my static ip through my router and I am very familiar with port forwarding but I can not connect to my pr4100 on any port other than 80? I have set up static to use port 9080 and opened that port in my tp-link router. But it always comes back to connection error?

Don’t bother pointing me to this link http://support.wdc.com/KnowledgeBase/answer.aspx?ID=8526 because it is set up for port 80 and that works. Just won’t work on any other port! I have 3 servers that my router is forwarding properly to right now on different ports so it has to be something in pr4100 setup. Please help if you can as I am sure technical support will take forever to get back to me. It always says connect by relay no matter what port is used in general settings. TIA

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.

I got it taken care of thanks now just trying to figure out why none of my camera’s can be viewed even though they say connected. Acti and Hikvision so not off brands they should work :frowning: Milestone Arcus is why I purchase a the pr4100