Port Forward Ports 80 and 443 on BT Home Hub 3

Hi All, After setting up my MBL, all seems ok though access is not the best as it is using the Relay Connection and it is telling me to use UPnP or port forward ports 80 and 443. When on Automatic, it is telling me to enable UPnP, when it it on Manual or Windows XP mode, it keeps telling me Ports 80 and 443 are not open. I have UPnP turned on on my Home Hub 3 but my MBL is not realising this. :frowning: Also can anyone please tell me how to forward ports 80 and 443 using the crappy BT Home Hub 3 Manager. I have tried to do it using some help online but not sure I have done it successfully. Any help to get it up and running properly would be great :slight_smile:


Not sure how to do it on your unit  but you can check the following link, the  information should be similar


Also checking online I saw that port forwarding should be under advance setting and then continue to advance settings.