Popping sounds

Anyone else getting popping sounds ?

Electronic devices with plastic exteriors that are tightly shut tend to make popping sounds when they get hot. The plastic expands and makes this sound. It has never happened with my SMP, but it does happen with my PS3, and one of my LCD TV’s.

Does this sound happen only when the device has been decoding video for some time? If it does, then it’s probably because the device is getting hot and the plastic case is expanding.

Does the sound happen again minutes after you turn off the device? The sound may also happen when the plastic is contracting after it was expanded, and this would most certainly prove that the popping sounds come from the plastic expanding/contracting.

If if looks like this is the cause of your issue, you can try putting the device over a surface that conducts heat better, or in a more ventilated area.

Nope. I didn’t give too good an explaination.

When I select a video/music file and click play just before it starts there’s a pop. I’ve tried plugging it into different sockets, thinking that somehow it might be electrical interference,  but that doesn’t make any difference.

Many audio formats include DATA “packets” in the file… data which is NOT actually audio information.

The WDTV doesn’t recognize those DATA packets as DATA, and instead tries to interpret them as AUDIO, which will be heard as a transient or POP.

The only format I’ve heard this happen in is OGG / Vorbis.

What format audio are you using?


If I play an ‘album’ the first track nearly always pops then it plays the others ok. If I press the stop button I get a pop then too.

Is it truly a ‘pop’, or just some random noise?

I’ve noticed using HDMI thru an external amp that either the WDTV or the amp has a bit of “leftover”.  It occurs most often if I use MENU to switch between setup and play modes while watching a DVD.  There is a tiny bit of audio left in a buffer somewhere from a previous menu that gets pushed out when you start a new menu or the movie.  It’s momentary, but recognizable as a piece of audio, and can almost be considered a ‘pop’.

Ok, I’ll go with random noise :wink:

I noticed today I’m almost guaranteed to get it if I press Ok as opposed to Play.

ive noticed an actual POP noise during movies ive gotten recently, i came on here to try find an update as the movies have been uploaded, and downloaded by me within the last month, yet my firmware is current. its really frustating when its during the WHOLE movie, at the moment im trying to watch ufc 139 and its popping non stop. it doesnt do it through my computer, so im currently watching it through a hdmi connected to my laptop. lame, any suggestions, its a 1.45gb avi file. i got it from tpb so if anyones downloaded it and tried it and noticed the same thing, id like some suggestions on what it is, and how i have it go away and never come back!

WhoCares wrote:

Ok, I’ll go with random noise :wink:


I noticed today I’m almost guaranteed to get it if I press Ok as opposed to Play.

Just for kicks and giggles, can you use the web UI remote control and see if you have the same issue?

And for any of the others having popping sounds, have you tried replacing the HDMI cables?  If you wiggle the HDMI connector at the WDTV or the TV/Amp, do you see or hear anything different?  (yes, I realize this is digital, not analog).

Anybody figured this one out yet??? I just got mine yesterday and noticed raandom “popping” sounds from the time I booted up. I have done the firmware update, but still the same thing. It seems to happen most frequently just prior to the start of a video, but it can happen at any time (in the main menu, while navigating, etc.). It does not appear to be related to any specific action (pressing a button or anything). Very strange…I am about to call tech support, as it is a brand new unit, but I figured I would check here first. Any Ideas!!! Thanks!


Also…yes I tried 2 different HDMI cables, same issue. I then hooked it up to my Optical Audio cable, still get the popping, so it is not a cable issue. Thanks!

I’ve also got this same popping sound when pushing play. It’s not always consistent, sometimes it’s louder, sometimes it’s longer, sometimes it’s not there. But it is very disturbing. Mostly experienced with MKV. I’m using the optical…gonna try the original remote now, to see if it makes a difference.

Edit: Tried the original remote now. no difference. 

Change the settings in audio, I had the same problem, play perfect on my computer and on my BD Player but popped on WD TV, so goto settings and play with the audio settings.