Popcorn Hour A-200, C-200 can pass through DTS-MA and TrueHD, unaltered in M2TS, ISO and .mkv!

I just watched and read about their new beta firmware, and it is now capable of passing these through in just about every container you can think of. They are using a Sigma chip like WD so despite what were told here they are full of [deleted].


LOL – a player that’s not even released and at two and three times the cost of the WD.  Yeah, and I have some land here in Florida I’d like to sell you as well (no, wait, you’re WAY too young to get that reference.  Um, how about this?  I’ve heard the new Hobbit movie is great!  It won’t be released for a couple of years, but trust me, it’s better than Avatar!).

Excuse me,

the C-200 has been out since January? Isn’t the A-200 the exact same unit minus the Blu-ray player?

The A-200 is selling for 179.00 on the popcorn site for over two weeks. If its not available yet how can there be youtube user reviews yet?

Tell me where did you get your Live for $60.00?

This thread was meant to give some alternatives to those like myself that want better audio support. Hopefully from WD.

Thats all.



We may get support for DTS-MA, TrueHD and whatever have you in the near future.  Just a guess.  As it stands now, this is not supported.  I, personally, can live with AC3 and DTS for years to come.  At least because I have audio editors that can open and edit such encoded files.  And It can create them.  So such encoded 5.1 formats is what I need when I burn something into DVD Video or encode into another container such as MKV.  Mind you, I do have a very nice digital receiver and speakers and all that.  But, hey. give me Pro Logic II and I can live with it. :slight_smile:  AC3 and DTS are fine too.

If Popcorn Hour fits your needs then go for it.  WD Live web page never claimed that they support TrueHD, etc…  So, just go with Popcorn Hour if this werves your needs.