"Pop" Sound before starting a video file(mkv)


i get a “pop” sound before starting a mkv-file, only hdmi to philips lcd.

the sound appears only in starting a file or after pausing a mkv file.

optical to onkyo reciever is fine, no sound issues.

wd tv live ist set to “digital”.

setting “stereo” will cause no problems

is this an hdmi cable issue? or a problem with th philips lcd? (42pfl7404)

thx in advance for helping


Same ´pop´  sound here. Using RCA for Video Component and Stereo Sound to TV.

I don´t  believe it is related to the HDMI, but to downmix of MKV.

Avi 2-ch files works fine - no ´pops´. Haven´t tried with AVI 5.1 yet.

hi adriano,

do you think it’s a downmix problem of the philips lcd or the wd tv live?

thx for your answer

Anybody got that same problem?..or a solution?

any suggestions?

maybe firmware bug?


okay…i tried to help myself.

it could be a firmware problem/bug?..(1.04.17)

so i roll back to 1.02.21 and that “pop” problem doesn’t exist anymore.

can someone confirm that?



i monolgize a little bit here…but anyway:

i confirmed it myself.

i’ve updated again to 1.04.17 and that error (sound popping) appears again.

therefor it’s apparently a firmware error (maybe in coooperation with a philips lcd).

i hope this will fixed in a next firmware-update.


it’s me again

it’s a pity that the new firmware beta doesn’t  resolve my problem.

is anoybody reading that?

anybody from WD?..hmm