Poor WD packaging!

i just bought a £139 equivalent to $235 US dollar internal drive. 

it arrived with no foam or bubble wrap.  just a thin box. with no impact supression design.

WD drives have always arrived , in the past, with foam inside the box to protect the drive. 

this came from DABS UK. 2014  3TB Black.

I cannot believe this is a new standard.

please WD, protect our drives during transit.

thank you.

i am sure it is not anyones fault personally. its just one of those things that needs sorting out.

problem and sollution : 

if you send out drives in bulk with no foam to protect the drives to save on cost, it would be a very good idea to put a warning sticker on each box to remind vendors./stockists  that they NEED to wrap the hard drives in at least 4 layers of bubble wrap before posting out to customers.

if DABS uk get it wrong, i am sure many others will too

when a courier throws a drive box like the one i receieved on a van , its just the same as throwing a naked drive against a piece of metal.

Damage can only happen.

A  LARGE red/white  WARNING!!!  sticker would be a good idea. (please excuse the caps lock, i am not shouting : )

I apologize that nobody responded to this before.  However, we never ship anything out that is not packaged correctly.  I honestly can’t tell you why the retailer shipped you the drive the way they did.  But I would certainly raise the issue with them and request that they send you a drive properly packaged.