Poor video using DVI monitor

I am trying to hook my WD Live Plus to my ASUS MW201 20" monitor.  This monitor does not have hdmi, but does have DVI.  I hooked the Live Plus up to the monitor using a HDMI-DVI adapter and an HDMI cable and I hooked it up with a HDMI/DVI cable.  Both produced the same result.  The picture shows up, but it has a very reddish haze over everything.  I tried adjusting the colors in my monitor, but I could not get a clear nice picture.  Why can’t I get this thing to work?  It does work on a TV using the video cable that came with the unit, but I need it to work on the monitor.  What do I need to do to get it to work?  Would it work with an older firmware (I updated to the latest firmware).  Thanks.

Try changing the Color Space in the HDMI Settings of the WD.

Tony is right…I have an older plasma TV that only has DVI connectors for digital. Every time that I turn the WD box on it comes up with the color space set wrong and it makes the display look pink or magenta colored. To get the display to look correct, I have to manually change the color space to RGB Low.

The WD box incorrectly sets the color space to YCbCr every time that I turn it on. I have to go into the setup and change it manually. This sounds like the same problem that you are having Broncowolf.

This problem of not remembering the video settings when the box is turned off and on again has been going on for over a year now. I have been posting about the problem in this forum and many others have similar problems, but WD still has not fixed the issue.

EDIT: Broncowolf, If your monitor is a consumer TV, the color space value is most likely to be RGB Low. However, if you have a computer monitor, then RGB High is probably correct.

I am using the HDMI output of the WDTV HUB with an older LCD monitor/TV using the DVI input… my first unit from WD…

the first time I setup the unit and TV the unit set itself to  HDMI “AUTO”… the picture and text was not very clear…

after a short while I decided to see if i could improve it… so back to the video settings and I chose some other output which the WDTVHUB said it would not support on the TV, it gave an option of accept or automatically set the settings, I chose auto and wow the picture is now fine…

Great!  I have the picture working perfectly after setting it to RGB-High.

Now, my problem is sound.  I hooked a 3.5mm sound cable up from the WDLive Plus player to the input on my monitor and I get loud static.  Underneath the static I hear the faint sound from movies.  I also hooked up a small portable speaker to the Live Plus input and I get the same static.

What you guys using to get the sound right?

Thanks for the help!  I’m almost there!

You need to use the cables that came with the Live Plus, not just any cable. Use the composite cable and connect the left and right channel RCA audio cables to your monitor (just leave the yellow composite video cable disconnected), then set the WD box to output stereo audio. Both the HDMI and stereo audio from the composite cable are output simultaneously.

Thanks.  Unfortunately, my monitor doesn’t have RCA inputs.  Most PC monitors don’t have RCA inputs.  I guess I’ll have to buy a cheap adapter and hope it works.