Poor transfer rate


I just bought a 2Tb Live Book. I have a Mac Book Air running on Lion. Since I’ve installed my HD it’s running very slowing, it tooks 2 days to copy 128Gb of data.

Any idea of what could be wrong? I couldn’t find any directions in on-line documentation.

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What router do you have? If there’s a speed bottleneck then you’ll have to check your entire network (router, firewall, ports, paths, latency, monitors) to find it.

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Agreed. Some routers have a gigabit ports but the processing within the router is ■■■■.  Did a bit of homework and one good router (I don’t work for Linksys) is the Linksys E2000 which seems to be quite good and mainting throughput.

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Keep in mind that, in 99% of “Routers,” the “ROUTER” actually isn’t doing ANY processing of packets going between local systems.

The ROUTER is only involved in traffic going between your LAN and the internet;  the rest is all locally switched.

It’s been ages since I’ve seen any home routers with processing limitations on the switch ports…

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It would be nice if the network drives also had a USB jack to get all those TBs in the thing initially…

Maybe it’s because Western Digital enabled WebDAV on the MyBook Live for WD2GO.COM except that some devices on the local area network connect to the MyBook live using WebDAV (through the Apache2 we server) and not through Samba’s SMB service?  Western Digital are now aware of this issue.

Myron, any symptoms to show that WEBDAV is the protocol used instead of the Samba other than the slow transfer speed?

I am having 25MB/s write speed, and in the area of 70 MB/s read speed. I think my windows is using SMB with these speeds. But my question is is it normal to have that big difference between read and write speeds?

I just upgraded today from 100M to 1G switch. with the 100Mbps speed, i had read and write speeds almost teh same.

If you’re using WINDOWS, open a CMD window and enter the command

net use

If you see any entries that say “WEB CLIENT”    Those are WEBDAV.   If they say “MICROSOFT WINDOWS NETWORK” then they are SMB.

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TonyPh12345 has answered correctly. :smiley: