Poor Support - 4TB Mybook World II

I bought a 4TB Mybook World II with the hope to use this to store all my data for my house. After copying all my data to the drive (approx 2TB) the drive stopped working. The drive now gives a message of swipe not working. I can accept that the swipe has died if oen of the drives have failed but both drives are working (as stated in the admin software). My problem however is not the drive failing, I can handle that as I chose stripe for speed and not for certainty of data, my problem is with it now being almost 3 weeks since I told Western Digital of my problems and I am still sat here with no drive and their website states the replacement drive is delayed.

I have been informed that in Europe drives available for replacement under warranty are all refurbished models and therefore I may have to wait longer for a replacement. Pretty much saying if you buy a brand new top of the range device from WD and it fails you are stuffed.

Has anyone else had the same problem?