Poor streaming of HD content

OK, so i did just about everything I could to diagnose this problem. Whenever I am in SAMBA and streaming from my computer OR a usb device attached directly to my router, all HD content skips and studders. I have a Netgear N600 router that should be more than capable of handling this issue. I set the router directly beside the WD streaming so my signal was full bars and I still had this issue. It streams SD content perfect, but has trouble with all HD content. Thanks for your help.

 I would like to add that it streams Netflix HD content just fine. I only have a problem playing HD content thru the network. ie: readyshare on my router or directly from my pc. thanks

I prefer using a directly connected drive, but I have streamed a 35Mbps MKV Blu-Ray movie using wireless, with no problems. Although I have only used Serviio. My router is an Asus RT-N56U. Maybe you could try using Serviio and see if that fixes it or not. It’s easy to setup and uninstall. Or maybe it’s just interference from other routers. I’m not experienced in this network streaming.

Thanks for the reply. Serviio did take care of it but unfortunatly it doesnt support iso’s. I just dont know how some people are able to directly stream 1080p from their network without DNLA software and I cannot.