Poor products, Short warranty

Product died a few months after warranty expired (2 years). After a long process trouble shooting, they asked if I backed up my data, to which i replied on the mycloud… He proceeded to tell me the device was dead and apologized that he couldnt do anything due to lapsed warranty. They could however give me the contact info of an expensive data recovery partner (which was not covered). A 2 TB external Hard drive to back up your data… and they expect you to back up the back up?

Almost all of the time i used product was clearing out old devices or hard drives to load on the my cloud. Dont think I had even gotten to the point to actually retrieve any of the data, and now it is all gone.



Of course. The My Cloud is just a hard drive at it’s core. Like any hard drive, it can (and eventually will at some point) fail. The My Cloud includes the ability to back it self up to a USB hard drive attached to the USB port on the back of the My Cloud using the My Cloud Dashboard.

For any mission critical data one should have multiple backups, in case one of the backup devices fail.

If it’s your only copy of data, then it is not a backup, it is your primary data store.

You may be able to recover the data: