Poor performance

hi, is there a problem if my external hard disk is partitioned into two. i have 1TB WD my passport essential se usb 3.0 partitioned by 1 fat32 and 1 ntfs format. both 500GB each. im experiencing a very low performance from my HD. when i copy files to it, the average speed is 110KB/s, thats quite slow right? whats wrong?

What OS are you using? Did it come with USB 3.0 or did you add it with a card? If you added it check the card maker’s site and see if there is an update for it. Do you have another USB 3.0 device to test it with? Are you using a cable longer than 18" or a hub? Both can cause problems.


im using xp sp3. im using a usb 2.0 port. but i tought its backward compatible with usb 2.0?

Have you tried diffeent USB ports? On older desktops the ones on back may work better. They are susposed to be backward compatible and work on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0. Do you have access to another PC to test it on?


yes ive tried in other PCs. same performance. even worse in other PCs. when i insert plug my drive it takes a long time for the computer to detect the device. about 5 minutes sometimes. i dont even finish copying large amount of files, i get a write failed error message. what’s could be the problem?