Poor performance of mycloud personal cloud - please help

I just purchased a wd my cloud 3t nas external drive. I am experiencing poor performance. I loaded only about 10 photos and 2 video. As I view pictures on the drive via my ipad, there is long delay between photos being displayed as I swipe thru them. Additionally , videos are either unrecognized or the ones that are play so terribly choppy it’s terrible. The videos seem to continually buffer(?) I guess I’d call it. The videos will play a second or two then stop, then play again, then stop…etc. The poor playback is the same weather I am at home accessing the my cloud drive via wifi …or…if I’m away from home, accessing the drive remotely via wifi from my office. It doesn’t matter if I. Accessing the my cloud drive via ipad, iPhone or another computer outside of the houses or at home,…the video playback is extremely sluggish. I am new to this type of drive (NAS) so maybe im expecting too much

 .IS THIS WHAT I SHOULD EXPECT FROM THIS NAS DRIVE?..what can I do? I…Could it be my router?..Could it be my internet provider or the speed of my internet from my provider? Is the my cloud drive supposed to be able to play my videos?..I dont know if a different router is the answer at all but i supplied the details of my router below.

here is the router i own and a link its details on best buy (if it helps):

NETGEAR - RangeMax Dual-Band Wireless-N Router with 4 Ethernet Ports


RichieRichC wrote:

 Is the my cloud drive supposed to be able to play my videos?

Well, to be specific, no.  The drive doesn’t “play” anything.  It’s just serving files to something else that’s playing them.

First, you need a new router.  Yours doesn’t even have Gigabit Ethernet.

I’ve never understood how a router can advertise 600 Megabit per second wireless performance when you can only get 100 megabits per second out the ports.

You will also need to have good wireless performance in your home network if you expect to play them via WiFi.

I am able to stream multiple HD videos simultaneously from my Cloud, so the drive itself certainly isn’t the issue…

On your home network, the speed of your internet service is irrelevent.

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thank you for the input … i have been waiting for wd to respond to a ticket but no reply yet

Any other advice is appreciated

thank you for the input … i have been waiting for wd to respond to a ticket but no reply yet

brand new router w gigabit wired and gigabit wifi purchased:

well i introduced a new gigabit router into the equation and same issues basically. video that is recognized by ipad played ok while at home via mycloud app on ipad. however it was what i call buffering or pausing (cant catch up) when i tried in the same environment on my iphone 4 using the same app. also, when i attempted tp play the same short video on my iphone via 3G frm my office (outside of home) it was agian pathetic performance, same buffering / pausing (cant catch up) issue. I also tried to play the same video using my ipad & also on my iphone 4 (via the mycloud apps omn both) when connected via wifi to the internet at my office (away from home) and both had same problem w pathetic performance, same buffering / pausing (cant catch up) issue.

i cannot get good video playback performance when trying to play a short video that is on the mycloud personal hard drive unless i am on my ipad and at my home. that is the only way i am able to play it with any smooth results.

On your iPhone, DOWNLOAD the video into the app.

Play it from there.

Same issues?  

what kind of internet connection do you have at home?  At home,go to speedtest.net and run a speed test, then report back with the result

i called my isp and had them upgrade my internet speed (or the day). I tried again and had same performance/problems. Muy ISP “said” my plan is: 1 up and 12 down. They increased it to: 3 up and 25 down. i had them downgrade it back to the orig speed after my tests resulted in same results…pretty frustrated w this. Great idea but so far terrible performance for me, even with a new router and now even after i upgraded my speed of internet. … Wonder if my cable modem has a problem?

3mb up?   No way that’s going to work for most videos.

Again, do what I suggested and let us know.

Also, Please post the full TEXT output of MEDIAINFO for one of the files you’re having a problem with.