Poor customer service

I opened a case for the 2TB WD My passport ultra. I received an email providing an information about RMA number and shipping instructions which I replied to asking for a clarification on the following sentance:
If upon arrival your products are out of warranty the shipment will be returned to you at YOUR COST and may be scrapped without further notice.
Upon not receiving any after 10 days, I checked my RMA status which says closed.
Is there a higher customer service instance or someone else I can complain about terribly poor service?

@Rukovodilac If you look at the bottom right of this page you will see, Contact WD, have you looked at the information provided by that link?

Is your device still under warranty?

You can try these phone numbers.

I don’t know. the warranty was till april-something, however after I initiated a case I can’t see anymore. Probably expired however it failed before warranty expired and I reported it. The reason I asked to clarify the sentence is the shipment duration of ~10-15 days. I got no reply and the RMA closed.
Those numbers are just an automatic voice machine who will perpetually give you all sort of information but there’s no human to talk to.
I feel the service is awful.
And according to this I wonder who still buys WD drives.