Poor customer service of WD

The customer service of WD is very poor and disappointing.

please suggest me any contact no. to call WD service center

Yes. I have the same experience.

When phoning with them, the people are friendly. But there is no call possible when I really need help.

I have two disks.

For one I need a driver to see it again with an allocated drive letter… It is a drama! All the important stuff. There seems to be a defect booting sector. So I need help!

And the other one… does not even connect with the PC any more.

So is there help?

Below is the contact information for WD’s Support. You can contact them either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

For such a Large International Company such as WD Reputation should be foremost in the Company’s work ethic and with the number of complaints regarding lack of support or no support whatsoever and the length of time taken to even reply to a customer or replace their faulty drives is unacceptable.

A proper support network to complement their brilliant product range should be crucial for the enhancement of the Company to greater heights. There are many other Companies that provide similar products and WD should ensure that they do not drive their customers away by poor support services.

It would be nice if the support portal actually works!! All I do is stare at an empty page here in Australia!!!

I’ve passed this along to our online services to look into.  I do apologize for the inconvenience. 

Dear Community Services Manager, It is sad when all I see are apologies from you and the staff at WD with nothing being done to improve the service. The complaints have been ongoing for quite a while and to be truthful all you do by doing nothing is to drive your good customers to an opposition with less brilliant products than WD but who strive for excellence not only in the sales area but also in the follow up services which is crucial to the well being of a large Internation organisation. This discourse is constructive criticism with the hope that things will improve significantly.

Criticism is accepted, and we are constantly seeking to improve our support.  Thank you for letting us know that there was an issue with the support portal page.

Dear Bill,

I notice on the forums that you constantly apologise for the non support. I am sure you will appreciate that what is required is not an apology but COMMUNICATION which appears to be non-existant from the remarks by disgrunted customers. I do hope that WD addresses these issues prompty and bring the service back to its glory days.

Thank you.

Actually, our support team has been trying to contact you in order to see what’s going on with our portal page from your side, and they haven’t been able to contact you.  That was as of yesterday.  Have you checked your private messages since then?

Yes Bill, I responded by email straight away and gave him my mobile number as well as my SKYPE and waited all day for a call but upto now nothing! I do hope he will contact me today the 25th August 2012.  Thank you for the follow up.

Neither one of the numbers are working for us.  I believe our rep tried to contact you by pm.  Can you check to see if he did, and maybe work out why they aren’t reaching you?

I have no missed calls on my Iphone or on my Skype on my Ipad!!! So it is strange. I will email him again. If it helps.


Would you please.   Thanks.  I’ll have them try again likewise.

I have emailed him already I hope he has received it.  Cheers, 

Sadly, still no contact from your support staff. The support portal is still not functioning.

I’m looking into this. As soon as I have more information I’ll send you a PM.

Thanks for your patience. 

lt with me with the utmost professionalism. I now await for the replacement drive.

Part of my post has not appeared.

I had a call from your support staff. The Portal is now working. The replacement drive was sent from Malaysia to China and was at the Fedex Hub for the past 3 days (sent by Economy - the lowest category). After my call to Fedex it has now left China and on its way to Singapore! A very long winded route from Malaysia to Sydney! Your staff were very apologetic and acted very professional in every way. He promised to air my concerns and crisicisms with his supervisor so that better communication takes place between WD and its customers.

I’m glad to hear that it’s getting resolved.