Pooled network storage to extend storage space

Hi guys,

Not sure if this will work, if users want to increase storage, instead of attaching an external hard drive to the my cloud, is it possible to attach another wd my cloud or a series of my cloud devices to the network and create pooled storage? So for example the existing wd my cloud device can be the primary host and you can include additional secondary devices to the network. Once they are registered they can be accessed under the identity of the primary, so you’d only access the one my cloud but storage from all secondary my cloud devices is accumulated like a pool of network storage. So essentially your data would be distributed across all my cloud devices.

The reason i ask is firstly, my cloud devices are more reasonably priced now and sometimes cheaper than external hard drives. Also they use up less power. I think something like this or chaining my cloud devices by usb would make it scalable and more energy efficient? Synology do something similar. Although network traffic maybe an issue…

Anyway just a suggestion