Polite request for WD to take a hard look at its customer satisfaction issues

Like other forum members, I too am having performance/lockup/drive mortality issues.  I am currently waiting for a 3rd WD ShareSpace under their RMA procedures: the second lasted less than 3 weeks before failing

Rather than a rant, a couple of observations:

  1. There clearly is an endemic problem with overall performance.

  2. The quality control on B-stock (refurbished/repaired) is inadequate

  3. Previous posts have lamented all these issues - and more.

  4. Some of WD’s customer service phone techs are defensive and argumentative having been berated multiple times for their product’s failures.

This is an excellent opportunity for Western Digital to do the right thing:  reengineer the product, offer existing customers a sharply discounted stepup program to a successor product.  In some cases, this should be free depending on how long the unit has been in service or how many times a NAS has failed.

And oh yes, please remind customer service that the key words are CUSTOMER SERVICE