Pogoplug 30 Minute Timeout?

Hey, I just picked up my WDTV Live and the thing works great right out of the box and lets me pick up the videos on my network fine, but I am having one issue when it comes to my pogoplug.  When I access my pogoplug through media shares it sees the pogoplug, sees the files, and plays the movie file perfect…for 30 minutes or so.  Then it cuts off and tells me that the device doesn’t exist any longer and I have to restart the WDTV before it will even recognize that the pogoplug is still on the network.

Any ideas on what I can do to make it so I can watch normal standard def files (avi, etc).  Thanks.

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This only happens with this drive or with any drive that you try to us?

i too have this problem i am running my hard drives through a pogo plug device it recognizes the pogo and the media share and network share drives how ever i time out at 30 on two differnt hd going through the pogoplug internet works fine netflix and pandora no issues

I have the same problem. I am trying to use my Pogoplug Pro as a media server to stream video and music to my WDTV Live SMP. I am connecting to the Pogoplug as a wireless media server and everything works well for about 30 minutes. At that point, the Pogoplug disconnects from the WDTV and I get the message “media source has been removed.” The WDTV can still my my Windows 7 laptop as a media server and my laptops can still access the Pogoplug. It doesn’t matter if I’m streaming something or doing nothing; they still lose contact after 30 minutes. I have a 1tb Toshiba hard drive on the Pogoplug from which I’ve removed the sleep function (the drive would completely power off if left alone, which would mean I couldn’t access it via the Pogoplug). If I reset the network connection of the WDTV, it immediately finds the Pogoplug again. I’ve changed all the computers to WORKGROUP. I can’t find any way to change the workgroup name of the Pogoplug.
Any suggestions welcomed. Thanks.

I’m having this issue as well.

Specifics, like the other people, when I’m watching videos on my WD TV LIVE PLUS HD through selecting the MEDIA SERVER, then POGO PLUG directories, it times out after 30 minutes while watching larger (longer) video files, but also times out sporatically when watching video’s that are even less that 30 minutes in length. One time I was no more than 5 seconds into watching when it errored.

My internet provider is Fios.

I have 2 WD external drives (a 3 TB and a 2TB) and it happens consistently with both drives.

After receiving the errors, I can immediately go back through all the directories and it starts showing it again. It really is an inconvenience.

And I’m eagerly waiting for some sort of fix.

thanks for any assistance anyone can provide on this issue.

i’m having the exact same problem… WDTVLive connected to Pogoplug through the Media Server connection… after 5-30 minutes it cuts out the video stream and says that the connection has been lost.  

i’ve tried 2 external hard drives, the first was a 250GB Maxtor drive with an old, generic enclosure, not sure of the brand.  the second was a 500GB Western Digital drive in an AcomData DHEXXXU2E-740 enclosure.  this drive was in a MyBook enclosure but that enclosure died so i took the good drive and put it in this new enclosure i got off Amazon. i’ve looked into how to turn off the “sleep” functions on the drives but, according to an earlier post, this may not help.

i can go back to Network Setup and choose “Last known wireless” and tell it to connect to my wireless network again and everything will run well, for 5-30 more minutes.  this also happens when i tested it on a wired connection.

WDTVLive, PogoPlug (black), 2 different external drives, Linksys E2500 dual-band router, tried wired and wireless.