POE switch speed requirements

I just bought my readyview system last week. I’m going to set up my cameras to connect to my network, as I plan on having some cameras mounted on our detached garage and some on the house. The NVR will be in the house with the rest of my networking equipment. I bought 2 POE switches to connect the cameras, one for the garage, and one for the house. I just noticed that they do not do gigabit ethernet, just 10/100. how many cameras can I have connected to each switch before this becomes an issue? I’m figuring on 4 cameras on the garage and 3 or 4 on the house to get full coverage of the house and yard. The rest of the network is gigabit, so it would just be the cameras that are on the slower part of the network. the link between the house and garage is gigabit, and I’m able to pull another cable to have the POE switch be on a dedicated connection if necessary. I don’t need 4k video from the cameras, although 720p would be nice if that is possible (not sure what the cameras are capable of). Or would I be better off returning the switches and getting gigabit switches?


PoE setups are used to place WiFi boxes in buildings. This eliminates the need to run power along with the network cable.

Surveillance cameras use the same idea to put them in various locations.

1G Ethernet can handle 8K video fine.