Plz plz help my wd doesnt show up


i got big problem with my 2 TB WD extnal hardisk 

yestrday it was working fine and i was opening a media file but suddenly its freeze and i thought its a normal case

then i turned off my pc today when i open my pc its doesnt show up

nothing in my computer - device manger - disk mangement 

the disk looks working good no sound 

and the light is on 

i also tried to change usb ports - wires 

but still same problem also i tired in 2 deffreint pc and its the same

sry for my bad english 

and plz help me all my work and movies there 

i cant live with out this hardisk 

thanks alot 

It could be an issue the power adapter, if your drive is still under warranty you may contact WD for a replacement power adapter.