Plz Help Resolve The HDMI issue

I am a new user and bought WDTV Live day before yesterday.when i connect it to my HDTV using HDMI cable and watch videos the vide just dissapears for 1-2 seconds and then comes happens on WDTV user interface using the latest firmware.what should be the problem?

thank you :slight_smile:

Are you connected directly from the WDTV to an HDMI input on the monitor, or are there switches / splitters / AV Receivers / etc in the path?

im connected directly to my fullHD lcd using the hdmi cable which is connected to wdtv.nothing else used.

Then I’m thinking your HDMI cable or port(s) is bad.

which ports? and how do i know if hdmi is bad?and if its bad which is good one to buy?

Well, I’d try to narrow it down first.

Try another port on the TV.   

Try a different cable.  

If none of that works, then I’d suspect the WDTV is failed.