Plz help me find a My Book Duo Desktop housing for data recovery

I have a WD 6TB My Book Duo Desktop, wdblwe0060jch-00. The housing electronics have failed and I’m trying to recover 30+ yrs of photos on the drives. I’m using a specialist data recovery company, but no luck so far. I need to find a housing with this exact part number (including the -00 at the end), so they can swap the drives into a new housing. Any help finding one would be awesome!

As a follow up to this, does anyone know what the -00 at the end of the part number means? I’ve seen other posts that talk about -NESN for example, which apparently just designated the sales region. So would a housing for wdblwe0060jch-NESN work with the drives from wdblwe0060jch-00? The data recovery company says not, but I’m not convinced.