Plugin capability

it would be great if we could  have a plugin feature that allows us to take My Cloud even further imagine:

  • Multi media servers options (Plex, XMBC, Windows Media Center, Moovida, Media Portal, Tversity, Zumocast)
  • NAS Surveilance(think ReadyNAS Surveillance)

I am a big supporter for the my cloud device so far from what i tested, The gui is easy to use and gives me all the info i need  and processing power is awesome so the sky is the limit when it comes to the wdmycloud  if you go check out the plex or xmbc forums the price for what they want is at least double for what you offer  your 3tb  hardware adding these features can really bring you alot of money feel free to reach out to me i will defnitely volunteer to be one of your beta testers


How long does it take this to reach a new FW upgrade? I mean 3 months passed and only acknowledged?

i cant agree more :smiley:

This would be awesome and I would be WD biggest fan if they make this happen!