Plugged Laptop Charger Into WD Ext. Hard Drive

Hey there,

I accidentally plugged my laptop charger Into my WD Ext. Hard Drive.

I’d like to recover the data without spending hundreds or thousands on it.

I tried a new enclosure but it didn’t take.

So I’m guessing there’s an issue with the PCB.

Get I just buy a new one and replace it?

I’ve seen several topics saying you just can’t do that though.

I’m no electronics expert.

I just want to get my hard drive going so I can back up the data on that thing.

I noticed tutorials online about removing parts on the circuit board and soldering some items temporarily.

Does anything have clear instructions on how to do this?

Again. I have important docs that need to get backed up. I don’t have the money or means to pay a recovery service.

I’m willing to learn and try anything to recover those files.

Does anyone have any advice or resources they can offer?

Hi Daniel-san,

You can purchase the same enclosure of the WD Desktop external hard drive.

Moreover, you can try connecting the internal hard drive as a secondary storage in your computer directly via SATA cable.

To recover the data from the hard drives, you can try the 3rd party data recovery applications mentioned in the link below: