Plugged in Passport to my Mac os 10.5.8 see icon but no install info

Hi all…my Mac sees the passport the icon is on the desk top…however when I click on it …I see only volume info and an extras folder…no install program… I downloaded one the drivers are there but they do nor function I have no idea how to back up to the drive…If I did not have to drive a million miles I would drive it up the sales dudes …yeah well you get the idea am begining to hate the thing…any help really appreciated. Bob

If that drive is not a passport for Mac, you will need to format the drive to make it fully compatible, once you do that time machine should ask you if you want to use the drive for backups.

If you want to use the WD Smartware backup software, you try downloading that from the web site and installing that on the computer. Again if the drive is not ready for Mac, you will need to format it.