Pls Help fellas...MBL not showing

I recently upgraded twonky in my MBL to version 7.0.12. I shut down my MBL and restarted afterwards.

To my amazement, I am no longer able to find MBL in my network and cant access dashboard. There is a steady green light on MBL which i presume indicates ok. I have done a physical reset (4sec hold) about 4 times but issue remains thesame.

Your suggestion will be highly appreciated. I need access to the drive ‘badly’


Have you tried accessing the unit using the IP of the drive?

You should be able to get that from your router.

Also you can try mapping the drive.

Check the link below.,400/session/L3RpbWUvMTM2NDI1MzE3OC9zaWQvX194X3E0bWw%3D