Is it possible to get plex media server installed on the EX4?

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I doubt it as it’s so underpowered.

…between that and it’s abysmally slow network transfer speeds ; this is the point where you start scheming how to unload this boat anchor and procure a Synology disk station.

I use mine currently as a network share for a PLEX server running on a mac mini.

You can only have HFS+ be unable to find your files so many times before you refuse to trust it and require your media files on a filesystem NOT under direct control of OS X.

I agree totally with sgallant04! Run as far and fast as you can from the MyCloud lineup and head over to Synology. I have a 16tb ex4 and while I am sticking it out for another few months I cant wait to get rid of this. Its underpowered, lacking actual apps, and the entire experience compared to synology or any other major NAS device is so much more confusing. 

I hear you… but what a big shame it is  :-(