Tengo un WD my cloud WDBCTL0030HWT y me gustaria sabe si existe la posibilidad de instalar la aplicación Plex en este dispositivo


Currently Plex only supports the following WD My Cloud models:

My Cloud Mirror
My Cloud EX2
My Cloud EX4
My Cloud EX2100
My Cloud EX4100
My Cloud DL2100
My Cloud DL4100

See the following links for more information on NAS support in Plex:

Plex Western Digital NAS Supported Models

Plex NAS Compatibility Guide

Plex NAS Devices and Limitations

I have a WD my cloud WDBCTL0030HWT and I would like to know if there is the possibility of installing the Plex application on this device.


Plex do not provide an image for the basic MyCloud.

The basic MyCloud processor is not powerful enough to support the video transcoding required by Plex.

Yes, it possible, but only for v3 firmware.

You need Plex for RaspberyPI (Use chroot for safe install) or my OpenMediaVault (Plex available as plugin)

Well, yes, you can install a version of Plex that is compatible with V3 MyCloud firmware. But experience actually running that image doesn’t seem to be very promising. See JonathanMcAlroy’s comments at the end of this thread:

I’m always keen to hear better experiences about running Plex on the basic MyCloud; I’d like to run it on mine…

Fox_exe wrote:

Yes, it possible, but only for v3 firmware.

For others reading this thread. It should be noted that while one can possibly install the Plex Media Server on version 3 firmware on entry level WD My Cloud’s, it is not officially supported by Plex. The Plex officially supported WD My Cloud models are listed above. It should also be noted that one may possibly void their WD My Cloud warranty by installing Plex or performing any other operations via SSH.

Because of the processor used in the entry level WD My Cloud models, on the fly transcoding is most likely not possible. Because of this, it takes away one of the major core features of Plex.

I understand from this thread that my basic Mycloud can’t tanscode for PLEX, but I’m curious. I used DLNA with my 3TB MyCloud, and it works fine, but I hate the basic DLNA interface on my TV.  If you have the files in a native format supported by the device, so that transcoding isn’t necessary, would PLEX work?  For example, the Amazon Fire TV supports mp4, and if all my files are mp4, then transcoding shouldn’t be required.

You can use Plex without having it transcode media files. Its just the transcoding on the fly is one of the major reasons for Plex. If your media is in a format the client can play then no transcoding is necessary.

The first issue is getting Plex to install and operate properly on the lower end non-officially supported My Cloud devices. The low powered processor and low RAM on the lower end My Cloud devices may potentially cause Plex run time issues. The other issue to keep in mind is one will need the Plex client or the Plex Home Theater software to access the Plex server otherwise one is typically connecting to Plex via its built in DLNA media server.

 As Bennor said, the only reason to use Plex is because your media player cannot do the transconding and/or cannot see the files directly from the NAS.

If you have a Fire TV, no need to use Plex or any other service/software.

There are two ways to play files from the NAS:

  • Sideload/install ES File explorer and media player such as Mobo player or MX player. Connect to NAS with ES file explorer, select file to open and select app to play it with.


  • Sideload Kodi, connect it via network shares/SMB to the NAS and play any file. This is the recommended way if you ask me. BTW, this is what I do.

I know this is an old thread, but I wanted to follow up on this. At the time, my main reason for my interest in Plex on my basic Mycloud was I liked the interface. While DLNA on my TV or ES File Explorer on my Fire TV both work, they are just too basic. Since then, I tried Infuse 5 on my Apple TV 4 and my other iOS devices. It gives me a beautiful interface to my video files on the Mycloud, and will play any file thrown at it. It will also pull the metadata from the internet, so no xml or jpg files needed, just the video files. It works flawlessly, and in my opinion negates the need for Plex. It does only work on iOS and TVOS devices, but that’s fine with me.