Plex won’t configure I get blank page

After enabling Plex I tried clicking on configure but it just opens up a blank page with

This page isn’t working at the moment can’t currently handle this request.


I’ve been on chat with support twice they both told me to reset the WD mycloud home but it makes no difference. Plex can’t find the drive and I can’t configure it I hoping someone will have an answer


You could refer to the following link:

Hi thanks I’ve been on chat with WD for last few months and have gone through everything they have written down none of the advisors I’ve spoke to have any knowledge except what’s written in front of them they’ve had me reset it back to factory settings but I still get the same error message
thanks for your help

I was moving my library from my MacMini to my WDMyCloudHome but I kept getting the error when trying to configure. I had to delete the Plex Server from my MacMini and remove the connection to my account. Then configuring the Plex Server from WDMCH worked like a champ. Good luck.

Hi! I’ve already had that problem. After 24 hours, the link was opened. Just wait

I have just joined this forum because I have the same problem. It started as soon as I installed the new WD Discovery update 2 weeks ago, I now get This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.


Absolutely nothing has changed my end apart from doing the update. Thankfully I have a Nvidia shield Tv box and Qnap Nas so I can run the server from one of those but that’s not the point.

Hi thanks I’ve had this problem for several months I’ve just had another new drive from amazon and it worked out of the box :partying_face: not sure what was wrong with the other two drives but I tried everything everyone suggested thanks to everyone who sent suggestions