Plex + WDTV

Hi guys,

I think i need a little help setting up plex to work with my WDTV.

Basically i have a PC running Win 7 with Plex Media Server managing my media collection. The computer is plugged into a gigabit switch and the WDTV is connected to the Switch via Ethernet over Power. Currently, my WDTV can see Plex Media Server, but when I initially tried to connect, 6 folders came up and nothing was in them. I fiddled with somethings and now it’s saying “the connected media has been removed, please specify a new source”

Any ideas how to get them to talk properly?

Or any suggestions of a different/better media server to use?


Have you tried the Windows 7 built-in media player? Do you have the same results?  You can also try with VLC, that bundles a media server.

Tried using XMBC and Logitech Media Server and Windows 7 network shares, they all work fine, the WDTV just cant recognise the Plex properly