Plex vs Explorer to populate My Cloud Home

I started using Plex to add photos but it seems hideously slow.
Presumably, this is because whatever you load is making the trip up to the Internet then back down to your My Cloud Home Server?
I’ve also mapped My Cloud Home as a Network Drive so I can drag and drop files (somewhat quicker!) from a failing NAS drive to the Home directory.
Home directory files don’t appear to be accessible via Plex, or vice versa.

  1. Is there a fix for this so music/video/other files uploaded via old-stylee conventional means can be categorised through Plex?
  2. More important, can I be assured Plex and Home directories won’t conflict with each other and corrupt each others data?

Had the same experience using Explorer, very slow. The MCH web app is much faster than that. It’s really the only practical way to transfer large amounts of data to the drive. As for your other question, Plex seems to be only aware of the folders it creates (My Music, etc.). in the MCH web app, you can create folders that are accessible through the My Cloud Home network share that MCH creates (the Plex directory is under that tree). Confusingly, MCH also creates a Public folder that anyone can access outside of the share described above. Plex cannot see anything in that folder and you cannot assign (as far as I know) any access controls to the Public folder.