Plex v1.6 media server for EX4

Hi, I am very unhappy with WD EX4… I purchased with the promise of a updated version of Plex from WD. Now a year later and many calls to WD support with them just saying ‘there will be an update just wait a little longer’. Now I find out they are not going to update and I have a bad version of Plex on my NAS. I just called WD asking if they would allow a upgrade from the EX4 to say the PR4100 or EX4100?? I was told to go flay a kite… LOL Next time I upgrade it will not be a WD. You might of lost my business forever. ;-(


My Cloud EX4 uses an ARMv5 Processor.
Plex Media Server versions and newer will not run on the ARMv5 processor and is no longer supported by Plex.

For more details, please reference Plex Article Which NAS devices are no longer supported starting with server?