Plex shared folders sync, is it possible?

Hi there. This has probably been asked many times already as it’s pretty much been my issue since setting up (3 days ago). But is it possible to sync my music folder with my plex shared folders, created on my my cloud?
I have tried over and over again, by syncing to the sync folder and then using the web browser to move folders to the shared plex ones, but as soon as I shift the folder, it appears the sync link is broken. I just want to know if it’s possible? As it seems that I can’t, which defeats the purpose of it backing up. Do I then need to copy the sync to the plex folder. I would then have to have 2 versions of my music. I haven’t tried this with my pictures and video yet, but am expecting the same issue. And this issue is going to lead to me returning the device if I can’t fix as I see this is a basic function.
I have also experienced the sync colour dots on folders disappearing, has anyone else been experiencing this?

Thanks in advance