Plex server

I have an issue with playing movies using plexmediaserver. I am using sony bravia TV, and when I try to play a movie, i get message, that the processor in my cloud is not powerfull enough or something like that.

So, what about others, did you successfully play a movie with plex? 

Nope - as you already surmised the MCM isn’t too powerful in terms of a processor to support transcoding and stuff like that. That’s why there’s no official app for Plex for the MCM. To support that you need a much more powerful NAS (and so a much more expensive one).

It does have DLNA support, so can serve files that way. But it does of course require that your media is in the right format (as it can’t convert on the fly) and also that your TV supports DLNA too (I think some Bravia do, but not all).

You can enable DLNA streaming under Settings > Media > Media Streaming (the upper of the two switches).

Plex has a standalone version for mcm. I installed it through mcm configuration site -  apps.  I enabled dlna, my TV also supports dlna, so I don’t know what’s the problem. 

That plex server is very new - I’ve not seen it in the apps list before.

As a trial, disable/remove it and see if you can just play via DLNA alone - that should work fine if your movie is in a suitable format. What format do you have the file in, and how large is it (and what resolution)?

Editted to add - I confirm that the app is in the list, but my MCM won’t even let me download it (it gets part-way and then the download window just closes). I’ll try again later and see if I can get it to work so I can try it and see if I get the same issue as you.

The movie format is nothing special 2gb, 2097 bitrate, 29frames/s. Another movie h264 codec and 720p, works fine. But this one is in minority :slight_smile:

I got it installed (grabbed it from the Plex site), and whilst it runs, it runs like a dog on my MCM. Given the lack of processor power and memory in the device, that’s not so unexpected though.

Looks like you’re seeing something similar, your first movie is either too high resolution and/or needs some kind of transcoding for your Bravia to play, and that’s beyond what the MCM can handle. The second movie is much simpler and lower resolution, so the MCM can basically just stream it without problems.

You should be able to confirm that perhaps using the DLNA option instead - see how your first movie does with that, or perhaps try recoding it into another format that you’re sure that the Bravia can cope with using something like Handbrake.

But fundamentally I think you’re hitting the limit of the hardware, hence why we’ve not had the Plex app until recently. But the MCM itself if used as just a fileserver or as a limited DLNA server works well enough. I use it with a Pi1 and Kodi to feed a dumb LG TV, and it does the job fine (although most of my rips are standard DVD and not BluRay, so I don’t push it too hard either).

I am testing plex for one reason mainly. I want to force mcm to transcode video with subtitles. Bravia currently don’t 't have such functionality. 

Those two movies, I was viewing them through chrome. 

I’d be amazed if the MCM can transcode anything but the most basic and lo-def of files, it just doesn’t have the CPU muscle or the memory for that. If you want that kind of functionality, you need a gutsier NAS like the higher-end Synology devices that are designed for it (and cost 2-3x as much as the MCM).

I thought so. So, what is the benefit in comparison to twonky?  Ok plex has a lot of settings. 

Remote access (with a paid PlexPass, although the MCM can do that anyway via the cloud access and WD apps), better storage formatting/foldering/databasing of media and metadata, it’s available on a lot of stuff where DLNA isn’t (e.g. Chromecast) plus it also has DLNA built-in anyway, various TV channel streaming, content tracking (so you can stop on one device and resume at the same place on another) plus all the usual general media server perks. Also of course the transcoding etc on devices that are chunky enough to support it properly.

That said I can’t comment too deeply as I don’t use it. As I said before, most of my media playing is done at home via my Pi/Kodi set-up which does the job fine, and when travelling I use a little media player (a Sumvision Micro4) and a MyPassport 2TB to save all the hassle of trying to stream stuff via hotel wifi.

Generally I think having Plex on the MCM is a nice thing, but I’d be afraid it’s going to cause more frustration and hassle than it actually gives benefits, as the MCM is clearly not designed to properly support it hardware-wise.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try, I can anytime return to twonky as designed. :-) 

it’s interesting that .mkv files are playing just fine, whereas avi doesnt. so where is the catch? 

My bad, …i am still learning. You must use plex home theater software for windows for instance, then all the videos on NAS plays ok. This is more like it :-) 

Now for the tweaking part :smiley:

Hi Guys! I’ve been following the PLEX integration with WD EX2 very closely. This Thread is almost a year old, but it never gets old something that should be corrected.
Do you know if Wester Digital will correcta the transcoding issue? How is it possible that a device that has a super core of 1.7Ghz isn’t enough powerful to perform a transcoding?
I played a movie called Avatar in 1080p withouth any issues in mkv format. But my old family tapes, which are mpeg2 cannot be played back? Strange.
Did you throw the towel on this or did you finally found a solution?