Plex Server

Hi everyone,

I just want to know if i still have to get premium of plex subscription to be able to use it with my Wireless Passport Pro. i haven’t tried it yet because i don’t have Laptop/Desktop PC.

My Passport Wireless pro already come with Plex Media Server as a combined feature. You can refer below link to install and configure Plex Media Server.

I use Plex on many devices – even works remotely on iOS devices, (on my WD NAS, IPhones, iPads (both registered to me on Plex), my PC, Roku, Amazon Fire TV) and it is the free version – I have not found a need to buy premium service. Maybe if I had a bunch of family members I might need it; I dunno, but so far so good. I can even play it from Alexa devices. Just check the Plex website for what you get with Premium.