Plex server

After deploying plex I noticed I can’t add new users except for 1, at the time I have dl2100 if I bought the pr2100 can I add 2 users or I have to buy the app which cost around 130 $ for a life time … hmmm

You may want to post your question to the dedicated DL subforum where people more knowledgeable with the DL series may be able to assist. This subforum (My Cloud) is primarily for discussing the single bay My Cloud units which do not officially support Plex at this time.

I recommend posted your question to the Plex board

I use my MyCloud for Plex video storage. I have a dedicated computer for the server though.

To add more home users, you must subscribe to Plex Pass. That’s $4 a month, $40 a year, or $150 for lifetime. You can add as many friends as you want though but you need to pay for more home users. It’s worth the money. You get a lot more than the ability to add more home users if you pay.

I think that was your question.

yes exactly i bought it for 4$ per month and yes it was worth it.

I have a My Cloud DL2100, I can access the media on it at home and away at NO charge with My WDTV, and other devices and apps) . I can access it, for TV display with WDTV, and Roku, Chromecast. Apps I can access it with are numerous, and the My Cloud app and others also can be used at home and away.

Nevertheless, I also have Plex installed on the DL2100 and anyone at home can access it at no charge via various apps such as on a Roku and a FireTV w/Kodi app. I can’t use Plex remotely for free. I don’t care; Plex is too overblown for my tastes, I don’t need it recoding files for me, and there is NO WAY I would pay even a dime to use its extra/premium features; I have too many better ways to view my media, listen to my music, etc. from the NAS than to use Plex. Anyway, I hardly ever use it because of all the negative reasons I find with it; especially paying for each user!

I really do not understand the attention that Plex gets. Is it because people haven’t set up a home network that all network devices can interact with and one another, and folks are satisfied with the lame DLNA way of sharing/streaming media? Maybe.