Plex Server vs Plex DLNA vs DLNA

Hi guys I purchased EX2 Ultra 12TB unit for one purpose only to store my movie library and stream data (without ANY processing) using DLNA.

After looking in to all options available to me I found that EX2 Ultra unit have 3 separate delivery mechanisms (actually more but I am not including ftp, https, web and other). So three protocols are FLEX Server, DLNA Server located in FLEX server and finally separate DLNA Server that is NOT inside FLEX.

Plex Server: In my case unfortunately is not going to work because Movies I have are 1:1 files from BluRay Disk 4K m2ts files with HD Audio often 8 channels and EX2 Ultra is simply not powerful enough to do live trans-coding. But I kinda knew that that is why just like I said before I needed storage only NAS with ability to send data fast enough to playing device that will do trans-coding internally on device (Shield TV in my case).

DLNA Server that’s located inside FLEX: This is what I use at the moment.
DLNA Server: Standalone server that (I guess) using a lot less processing power than DLNA located in Flex.

So he is the question. In my situation what is the best way to do media sharing to my devices ? This is for in home devices only connected to home network. Right now I use KODI on Shield TV and Android on mobile devices. All Sharing works great.

Any suggestions for DLNA that part of FLEX vs Stand alone DLNA. And in general 4K Movie Streams over network.

I use Infuse. Works like a charm on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4k. But never tested it with 4k content. On Mac I use VLC. VLC announced 4k support for version 4. Vlc and Infuse can download subtitles.