Plex server running slow on DL2100

I am using DL2100 to run the Plex media server. When I started using the server in the first two days, the plex app on my iphone can remote control it very well and fast. However, it got slower and I have to restart the NAS and router to make it faster.

Anyone has this problem and any solution to solve this problem (anyone know how to remote reboot the NAS)?

If you have not added more RAM to your DL2100, it might be time to do so. PLEX and other apps can slow down things, so go here to learn how to add memory and what exact card to get.

It can only cost you around $25 from Amazon for 4K card. I did so right after I got my DL2100, and it helps. Unfortunately, WD did not give us what we need, but they did build in a slot for it. At the cost of this NAS, $25 adds a small part to the total cost.

I have checked with the WD Local but I only see the RAM usage is only about 50%. Is this no. not accurate?

50% is too high, so add memory – it will only cost you $19.99 from Amazon. See this topic link I contributed to today where I told the guy which Kingston RAM to get. He is having issues with PLEX, too. My comments are near the end of thread.

Thanks very much!! I have ordered a 4GB RAM this morning and I got it this evening from Amazon. It seems it is better now. I will keep trying the Plex server. Hope it would not go back to slow again. =]

Good luck and hope all is better.