Plex server permissions help?

I’m trying to get Plex DLNA server working. I’ve enabled it, the library scans fine and gets populated by the files.

I can see the server fine on my DLNA device, BUT as soon as I try to access the library, it immediately deletes the entire library. On the server side, the alert status log immediately fills with “Deleted an item”.

I’m guessing this is a permissions problem? I’m guessing the device on the network has no permission/access to the file on the MyCloud, and the Plex server does its “Empty trash” thing and deletes the entry because it thinks its not there.

The DLNA device is on the same home network though?

I have to say this is one of the most frustrating devices I’ve ever bought. With its strange userspaces, jumping through hoops creating shares, limited permissions

Anybody have this problem or have a fix?

Please open a support case and provide the MCH debug logs

  • What device make, model and firmware are you using to access Plex via My Cloud Home?
  • What version of DLNA Client is the device using?

I am having the same exact issue.

After selecting the TV Show Folder all shows started to show up
Some 73 different TV Shows adds up in the dashboard during the scan
after a while during the scan I start to get messages “Deleted an Item on NAS” (NAS is the name of my WD mycloud EX2 Ultra).
During this also a Folder Named TVShows created on Plex Dashboard that contains some 600 Episodes which I do not have , It mixes all in one folder.
Screenshot of the event log

Searched Everywhere but did not found any solution for this.

@BUGBEAR7 My Cloud EX2 Ultra uses a different version of Plex than My Cloud Home, but your issue sounds more Plex Media Server related than My Cloud EX2 Ultra device related. Have you posted your issue on ?