Plex server issues

This subforum is not a good place to do Plex support, that is why my handle is NoPlex. Plex is third party software that is hardly supported by the software provider, Plex itself and Plex should try to support it on its forum as linked above, but Plex apparently doesn’t if you just look at their lack of response.

You have not fully completed the MCH factory reset. I am pretty sure if you try Factory Reset a couple of ten times, it will reset and no longer be identified with your WD account. Either that or there are file system or hardware errors that is preventing the MCH from being reset.

This is what the other MCH Plex heavy user said:

The MCH may still has your identity associated with your MCH after the webapp user erasure but some Plex configuration files remained on disk which is where is Plex error is coming from.

Pin Reset and System Erase a My Cloud Home Guided Assist

  1. Monitor the LED status when power is applied to the drive.
    The My Cloud Home LED will go through a series of blinking stages to 100% illuminated (solid white) indicating a ready state.

If the My Cloud Home LED becomes solid white immediately after applying power and never blinks:

  • may not have completed the boot up sequence properly.
  • the drive may have file system, media errors or data corruption.
  • the drive has failed.

Select the best option that describes the LED Status when power is applied to the drive.