Plex Server App


Have a relatively new Ex2 and installed the Plex app.  Remarkably it appears to be working with 500+ music albums including WAV files…  A bit slow, but fast enough.  

I access it through an Oppo player with a Roku dongle… and a Yamaha receiver… as I said… remarkable it is working

I logged into the Ex2 and saw there was an update:


And is says to manually install… I do not know how to manually install… I assume to the Ex2. 

I do nor use plex but as far as i can remember from other tutorials, you can go to plex’s site and download the app just for wd mycloud ex. After you download the correct file you can upload it via ex2’s dashboard.
But i also remember that you could do an update directly from Plex interface.

I too have been trying to install the server update with no luck.  Not much information out there, or so it seems.  

I can create a standard music library but I haven’t been able to create a premium one for some reason.  I signed up for plex pass so I know that’s not the problem.