Plex purpose on iPhone / iPad

I’ve installed Plex, and it’s useful to stream video from my MyCloud EX2 to the TV.
Asking - since, on my phone or tablet I have the My Cloud app, and can stream video that way, what are the extra features, if any, that the Plex app would give me?

As an iPad/iPhone owner, you can use the phone or tablet app to watch films and listen to music on Plex using data away from your network - the MyCloud app can do it, but it’s cumbersome at best - you can put your films into playlists based on connections within the films (the Back To The Future franchise, for example) - some films, once added to the Plex database, have information related to the films - a trailer, behind the scenes featurettes and so on, which you can add to the playlist, which could provide a break between the films - music files will add album art to them!

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