PLEX on mycloud Home

can I download onto device for offline use or is it only streaming from Wd home NAS?

Hoped to see this information on knowledge base but it does not show anything about this.

YES Plex can be accessed remotely
It’s part of the Plex Server setup process

Can you read my question again please.

Clarification of “access” is required.

can content be downloaded from NAS onto device for later OFFLINE use or is it streaming only??

the knowledge base is not clear on this.

i do not want to rely upon a mobile data signal or use mobile data allowances every time I listen to music.

Another example is movies whilst travelling. data connection not always possible, Eg on a flight for instance.


Can anyone answer this?

I would like to know whether the functionality meets with my expectations before setting it up.

If you have a Plex pass (costs money) you can view if offline I think.

The set up instructions on Home state not to activate Plex Pass. Given that there are other things which you can’t do on the Home Duo compared to other products, I want to check if this service can still be used.

Also is there a good alternative to Plex that doesn’t cost to use offline?

Does the wd Home Plex server support Plex premium music libraries?