Plex on My Cloud Home upgrade

I use a My Cloud Home as my Plex server which works fine and does everything I want it to do - however I had an email yesterday from Plex saying plex needed to be on version 1.18.2 by 31st Jan or I would not be able to add TVDB thumbnails, artwork etc when i add TV series ongoing but currently my Plex is on version 1.16.

The My Cloud Home Plex server cannot be upgrade manually - does anyone know if the Plex upgrade will be rolled out by WD?



You could refer to the following link:

Unfortunately - this is the default setup guides - as suggested in the message I have it setup and is running fine but Plex are removing the ability to use TVDB for artwork at the end of January unless you have plex version 1.18 - currently WB My Home Cloud only has 1.16 - when will this be updated?

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