Plex on more than one WD server at the same time

Hello everyone! I can’t use two Plex servers installed on nas WD at the same time, in the same network: in particular My Cloud Home duo and WD PR4100.
It’s possible to do it? Anyone have a similar setup working?
If I activate the WD PR4100 server I cannot see that of the WD My Cloud Home duo and vice versa. Anyone know if there is a way around this? Maybe you need to create two different Plex accounts? Thanks to anyone who can give me some clarification. Greetings!

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I answer myself: yes, two Plex servers on nas WD can coexist on the same network without particular problems. Today at the umpteenth restart of two nas, it finally worked. Without any changes to the settings and without doing anything different from the other times. The two Plex servers had both been updated with the January 2022 release. I have no idea what unlocked the situation and whether it will work stably in the future, but the fact that two servers are working correctly, it makes me think that there are no parameter conflicts on Nas.