Plex Media Server, v091219.1537

I downloaded and installed the newest version of Plex Media Server (v091219.1537) this morning. Shortly thereafter I began to notice that my Windows (v8.1) Explorer was having a lot of difficulty accessing my video folders on my DL4100 (16TB, 6GB RAM). Explorer more often than not froze up when I tried to access a folder. But it was somewhat random. Eventually the coincidence of the new Plex Media Server and my Windows Explorer issues occurred to me. I turned off Plex and Explorer began to ask nice again. Has anyone else noticed that problem?

Think plex is just busy doing thumbnails?
you can see resources from the dl dashboard

I’m not adding a lot of movies. About one every half hour or so. Plex has been operating for the past 5 months without a similar problem occurring. Neither the CPU nor RAM displayed much activity at the time. Virtually zero activity.

I’ve since turned Plex on again and things seem OK for now. Will keep watching.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Do you have slow problem with your plex? like local or remote control using iPhone app?